• Credit Market Frictions and the Distribution of Productivity, March 2010.
  • Collective vs. Individidual Bargaining in a Labor Market with Search Frictions (with Jörg Lingens, Münster), revised version April 2010.
  • How Changing Prudence and Risk Aversion Affect Optimal Saving (with Wolfgang Buchholz), CESifo Working Paper 2438.
  • Smoking Bans in the Presence of Social Interaction (with Jörg Lingens, Münster), substantially revised version February 2010.
  • On the Reservation Wage under CARA and Limited Borrowing, revised version March 2010.
  • On the Growth and Welfare Effects of Monopolistic Distortions (with Lutz Arnold, Regensburg), Journal of Economics, 97, 1 (2009), 19-40.

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